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Chelsea is known for high price properties. It is one of the most desirable places to live in London. Thousands of people move to this location each year. All of them require house removal services, something we have to offer.

Over the years, we developed a full list of house removals services and sub-services which are developed for one purpose only. To assist clients who want to move to their new home stress-free and as soon as possible. Guarantee and professionalism are something that makes us better than the rest.

Wrapping and packaging

The entire process of wrapping and packaging would be done by us. Apollo Removals uses the latest wrapping methods. We provide a guarantee that all items would be transported as they were when packaged.

Classification of the items is available as well, where a client can demand a specific packaging or transporting techniques. This is especially important for sensitive items, belongings of high value and those with high sentimental value. The bottom line is that each item must arrive at the destination without a single damage.

On-time home removal in Chelsea

Regardless of the time frame, a client must meet, we will be able to complete the job. Efficiency, job development, and superb coordination are our secrets which guarantee this.

Apollo Removals are ready to work as long as needed until the home removal is finally completed. All of this in order to save our clients from stress, time wasting and anything else which may have a negative effect on the entire process.

Professional and friendly personnel

At Chelsea Removals we believe in a specific relationship with our clients. That’s why all our employees are mandatory to stay friendly and to meet all expectations of the clients. We operate as a big family, which is something all our previous clients have appreciated.

Even if some issue does occur, don’t worry. Our personnel will be happy to assist you with anything. This is something we are proud of. 

We use the latest vehicles

All vehicles in our fleet are of the latest generation. This is essential due to the fact they provide reliability and the safest item transportation. At the same time, they are more fuel efficient. Which is one of many reasons why our house removal process is more than just affordable.

Our drivers are professionals in this field. We have had proper training which allows them to choose the shortest and the safest route in Chelsea. It isn’t the most important sub-service we have to provide. However it is essential in the case a client needs all of his items as soon as possible delivered to a new home.

We should add that all your items won’t be held by any issue. They will be delivered to the final destination as agreed and there won’t be any complications. Yes, our personnel won’t leave you alone back there. They will assist you with carrying the items and with unwrapping the same.

Client Reviews

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 2 reviews
by Chris on Apollo Removals
Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable service. Couldn't ask for more. They were on time and started straight away with the job. All was moved withing hours.

by Margaret on Apollo Removals
I can only recommend them

Chelsea area is not the most comfortable to navigate around with vans, but Apollo team did it swiftly and without disruptions. All goods were handled with care. I can only recommend them.