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European Removals

Relocation services across Europe

Moving from one country to another could really tough and quite challenging. You can move across Europe due to transfer in your work. Moving after you find a better job abroad or even enjoy your retirement in style. You can relocate just for a change of environment. Either way, it is not just as simple as moving in a country. It's more than ordering a house removal service and moving into your new place the same or next day. Moving across Europe requires a lot of regulations to be followed, including customs, border regulations and insurance, etc. Hence, it is always better to find a company that specialises in European removals. Having a vast experience and skilled persons in carrying out relocations across Europe.

Apollo Removals has the best and a well-equipped modern fleet of vehicles and removal specialists spread all over Europe. We provide a free quote with a detailed price breakup. Our main objective is to provide you with a stress-free relocation, after proper planning and with the help of experienced removal experts. Whether it is a small or big office relocation, house removal or just some goods transfer across Europe. Apollo Removals will ensure that you are fully covered in all kinds of regulations and various requirements for a hassle-free transfer. All our relocation services are completely insured as you never need to worry about a thing.

Planning to Move to Europe

Fast and reliable service

If you are planning to Europe and don’t have a clue about what needs to be done, just give us a call and our moving consultants will visit your place and look at the items need to be moved and would explain in person about the transfer options and clarify all the queries you may have. Even if you require any storage space, we can provide you with the required storage, whether before or after the transfer. Our consultant will also explain the different storage options available.

removals to Spain

Removals to Spain

Our European Removals services cover you in all aspects of the transfer in every stage of the relocation process right from planning for removals to Spain, loading items in the vehicle and then delivering safely in your new location and then unloading all items in the place specified in your new location.

removals to France

Removals to France

One of the important aspects of a successful removal service is bringing all items safely without even a single scratch to your items and equipment. Apolo Removals always ensure a top-notch service is provided to our customers. We have regular departures all over Europe and you can even save money for all your Removals to France when you share a vehicle with another customer. But at no point in time, you need to worry about your items mixing with others while sharing a vehicle. All your items are separately packed and sealed and there is no possibility of any issues.

removals to Italy

Removals to Italy

We have weekly departures for to ensure safe Removals to Italy and it is up to you to choose the type of packing, type of service and whether you need storage or not.

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