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Kensington district is one of the most beautiful parts of London. The gardens, museums and Italian and Dutch gardens are something which cannot be seen anywhere else. Individuals planning to move into or move from Kensington are welcomed to check out our services.

Get a free quote

Here at Apollo Kensington Removals, we are proud to introduce free quote service. For all the needs and requirements a client may need. The mentioned service will be the first to use. We should add that it has been recently improved. Therefore now getting a free quote takes less than few minutes.

Simply fill the needed fields with the information and submit. Our sub-service is far more accurate and reliable. Due to the fact it is processed by our agents, rather than computerised software.

Complete service

The entire moving process will be completed by Apollo Removals. Packaging, transporting and packaging are all available. The only thing you have to do is to lock old home and unlock a new one. We are capable of meeting even the most demanding operations at all times.

Additional requests of our clients are always accepted. After all, we want to protect a client from the stress and provide him with the best type of service there is.

Stress-free move

The entire job will be completed by our personnel which has been properly trained to do this type of job. In the world of moving. This is an important fact to consider. Our personnel guarantees high-quality service at all times, even when under pressure.

This also means that our clients won’t be stressed with non-needed tasks, processes, and issues which may occur at any given moment. All the tough job is kept away from the clients, and it is our responsibility to get the job done as perfectly as possible.

Special service for high-value items

We protect your belongings perfectly in any sense of that word, but we protect high-value items even more. This is possible simply because we won’t transport them with the rest of the items and we won’t use the same packaging. All of this is necessary in order to make sure each antique, art and etc. is 100% safe.

We should add that high-value items are packaged in a different matter while providing an even better safety and protection. Then, we transport them in specially equipped vans of the latest generation. The cargo space has been optimised specifically to protect all the items inside.

All types of moving are supported

Regardless of what a client needs, home-to-home or commercial removal, Apollo Removals are here to assist. For larger companies, we have prepared additional services, additional personnel, and additional vans. All of this has been implemented in the list of our services so a business owner doesn’t have to waste time on removal. We will complete the task as soon as possible.

For commercial moving we use larger vehicles and optimised for transporting larger items. No need in telling that all the items, regardless of their size and shape would be perfectly protected during a transport.