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Notting Hill is a different district in London and definitely an extraordinary place to get a home. It is known for affordable rents and high level of life accommodations. It isn't hard to realise why it is so popular place to choose for a new home. Now, with Notting Hill Removals all of this looks much better and easier.

Professional and friendly movers

We only hire the most professional personal there is. All our employees are friendly and pleasant, ready to assist a client in any way possible. We believe in perfect cooperation between us and our clients, therefore this is one of the main advantages we have to offer.

We will take care of your old home, of your belongings and make sure the entire removal process is completed in the shortest amount of time, but with the highest quality possible. All our clients who have used us claim we offer precisely that.

Competitive pricing in the area

Removal doesn’t have to be expensive. Over the years we were able to develop a balance between the cost and the services we offer. In a nutshell, our prices are as affordable as possible and there is no compromising on the quality of them.

Each potential client is able to get a free quote at any part of a day and to work with our agents in developing a perfect, or better said the most suitable list of services needed for that particular job.

After hour service on demand is now available

Due to the fact some of our previous clients had a hard time balancing between home removal and the time needed to complete this task, we introduced after hours feature. In essence, we will be able to assist a client with the entire home removal process after working hours. This feature is available as an additional sub-service we provide.

We handle the unwanted items

All of those who already moved to a new home know how impossible it is to deal with unwanted items after the process is completed. There are tons of wrappings, boxes, crates and etc. that’s why we developed an additional service, which allows for our clients to get in a new home without having to worry about this issue.
First of all, all the unwanted items will be removed from a new home. After that, they will be properly disposed of. There is no negative effect on the environment and all of the items are recycled.

Safety features are included as well

We provide safety features as well. The first one and the most important is the fact we provide a guarantee that all items will arrive the final destination undamaged. How we do that? We use specialised packaging techniques, crates and the additional elements which protect the belongings at all times. Then there is an experience, something we have. The bottom line is that a client doesn’t have to worry about his belongings, regardless of the fact how sensitive they are.

Client Reviews

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 3 reviews
by Holly on Apollo Removals
The removals team was fantastic

The removals team was fantastic. They did pack all my belongings and relocated them in no time. All the stress went away as they know what to do.

by Janet on Apollo Removals
Your assistance was much appreciated

Did move recently to Notting Hill. I was a little affraid about the moving process as I don't know the area much, but with Apollo's help all went without any issues. Your assistance was much appreciated. Happy customer.

by Robert on Apollo Removals
Very satisfied with the job

Very satisfied with the job. All items including the heavy furniture moved quickly and without any damages. Price was very affordable. Would recommend Apollo to my friends.