Removals Hoist Service

We can relocate your items even if access is limited

Apollo offers hoist service

Our research determined that almost 50% of clients need a hoist service at some point. That’s why here at Apollo Removals, we will introduce a hoist service. In the lack of a better word, it is something almost all of our clients need or they will need at some point.

Hoist service allows us to transport and place large pieces of furniture and other items to a new home. For example, you have a piano? It requires a hoist service. In general, this service allows for our clients to complete home removal process as soon as possible, without any issues.

It is more than just important

Some items cannot be moved in the middle of a building! Hoist service is the only way to get them in a new home. If we add several restrictions there are, especially in London, we can understand how much this service is essential for quick and reliable home removal. Basically, some home removal processes are impossible to complete without hoist service.

A furniture hoist hire is essential in the lack of a better term. If we add the fact that more and more clients use larger pieces of furniture, larger items or more complex systems, we can deduce that a hoist service is extremely important. Regardless of the size of an object, we will safely transport it to the new home. Then we have the height, which was an issue in the past. Now, it isn’t. We use the latest technologies and the latest systems developed by some of the biggest names in the industry. This allows us to lift items to any height which is needed.

Well-trained personnel operate the hoist systems

All operations associated with the hoist service are performed by a team of well-trained personnel. We have a spare team who specialises in this and only this sub-service. As the end result, we maintain your items safe and sound, regardless of the height, weight or any other factors which may have a negative effect on the overall condition of the items.

A must be mentioned fact is that our personnel also provides a limited-time advantage. In essence, it allows us to lift and place the items in a new home when the ground space is limited. In London and surroundings, this is more than just important and usually, applies to the city centre and close to the River Thames.

Faster service

Hoist service allows us to complete a job quicker than ever before. While some teams must carry items on the fifth floor we can simply lift them and job done. In a case lift isn’t working at the moment, our service is helpful once again. In no time we will be able to lift those items and place them in your new home. Items and belongings which are extremely difficult to carry or their weight is higher than the max load, the hoist service is once again all you are going to need. Overall, the hoist service is here to assist you with any issue you may have and to help you complete home removal process as soon as possible.

Thanks to our hoist service, we are now able to offer a complete home removal service to all potential clients from London and surrounding areas. In no time, your belongings will be in a new home, waiting for you.