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We understand how difficult moving may be and how time-consuming it actually is. That’s why at Richmond Removals we believe in taking all the tasks under our wing. All of our clients will be able to enjoy the convenience and simplicity during the entire moving process.

This service is available for almost 21.500 people living in Richmond and the nearby areas of south-west London. It applies to the national removal, in the same district or further in the United Kingdom.

Professional, yet affordable house removal

Home removal is one of the most complicated tasks a homeowner may encounter in his lifetime. Without help, a proper one, this is almost impossible to complete without stress and on time. It doesn’t have to be like that, not with our help.

We are here to assist all homeowners who are planning home removal today or in the near future. The entire process will be completed by us. As a client you only have to schedule the time of removal. After that you decide and the final destination, where the items will be delivered. Finally our team of professionals will be responsible for packaging, carrying and unwrapping.

In essence, you client will leave one home for good and move to another. Within a matter of hours, without a need to complete a single part of the process.

Our rates are more than just affordable. They have been optimised for average homeowners. At the same time, we must add the fact Apollo Removals Richmond offer free quote service. Be free to contact us at any given moment.

Fast and reliable

Time is something we appreciate. At Apollo Removals we understand how important it is to complete this procedure as soon as possible. To meet your demands, we hire a professional personnel and we use the latest vans.

Regardless of the distance that has to be covered, removal process will be completed within hours or a day. During the transport, all the items will be safe and sound. There won’t be any damages nor complications whatsoever.

We are capable of providing these qualities to all our clients. It isn’t important what and when has to be moved. The only thing which is important is that removal must be perfect and a client satisfied.

We do the packaging

Packaging is the most time-consuming and the most delicate part of the process. That’s why we will be responsible for that. Our personnel uses the latest methods. They are equipped with the most sophisticated equipment there is.

In a nutshell, the packaging will make sure all belongings are safe and well-protected during the transport. Obviously, belongings which require additional safety and protection will be treated with a higher level of care. All in order to meet the specific demands of a client.

Packaging is also properly labelled. When the removal process is completed, all the items and belongings would be easy to locate. Therefore easy to put back in a new home. Finally, the most complicated part of a moving task isn’t something a client has to do all by himself.