Safe Storage

Keep your belongings safe & secure with us

Safe storage in London

In London, storage space is important, especially while moving. Here at Apollo Removals we have a new feature to offer. All of our clients are welcome to use safe storage we provide at any given moment. Our storage capabilities are among the best in this type of business. They have been highly rated by previous clients. In addition, the service is beneficial for homeowners who are planning a home removal.

Safe and sound

We keep the items in a safe facility, with the latest safety features. The storage space is moisture-free. It's fully capable of protecting even the most sensitive items. Something we are proud of is the fact all the belongings are a few minutes away from the old or new home.

Our safe storage London offers a guarantee that all the items will stay in perfect condition as long as they are stored at our facility. We are responsible for the protection and preservation.

Belongings can stay safe while home removal process

We all know that home removal process is specific and time-consuming. Due to the fact some clients cannot find the balance between the time needed for the home removal and the time to move their belongings. We added a service to make things simple.

Our professional team will pick up the items and transport them to the storage facility. Your items will stay as long as needed. Once the home removal is completed, meaning that a client got the keys, the belongings are transported to the new home. The entire process takes a few hours to complete. It is always paired with professional personnel and with the newest vehicles. New vehicles provide safer transport. They are more economical and they allow us to complete a job faster than ever before.

Items stay packaged in the storage facility, but they are properly monitored during the time they are at us. For sensitive items, we have a special crate-based sub-service. In essence, items are packed within crates and then stored. All crates are tested and approved for this application. We have contracts with several crate companies in London, so custom-made crates are available at all times.

Fast and reliable transport

As soon as a client requires the items, we will deliver them to the final destination. In some cases, a client requires a few hours and in some a few days, but it is irrelevant for us. Our team will carry the items to the new home and unwrap them.

While our competitors require a few days to complete the job, we require only a few hours. Keep in mind that we have a specialized personnel which handles large items. In a case a piece of furniture had to be disassembled, we provide a sub-service which guarantees you it's fully assembled. A team which handles this operation is properly trained and won’t damage your items regardless of the complexity of the job.
At the end, our clients get a complete list of services, without a need to invest their time or the effort.